Things I've Killed

One things I’ve always thought to be a bit unfair is seeing everyone’s successes and not their failures. Failure (AKA the journey to success) is just as important as the end result. Without further ado, the dead trees!

I dug both of these Live Oaks up in the late Spring and I definitely didn’t do it right. Didn’t wait for rain in the previous month, the rootball fell apart when I dug it up, and I barely got any fine roots. Too bad, they had some good trunks on them.

These Olive cuttings that I took off my own tree didn’t go anywhere. I’m not sure if I kept too many leaves, took it at the wrong time (Spring), should’ve stripped the leaves, or kept it too wet, but nonetheless they didn’t root.

I dug up 4 large Pyracantha bushes in late Spring/early Summer and two made it and two didn’t. I also got a few small rooted shoots and I killed 2 of the 3.

This guy below me is dead as well.

This Cotoneaster as well as 3 more all died. These poor fellas.

Barberry is dead. I got a rooted cutting off of it that I still have, so the legacy lives on.

This one got almost no water over my vacation and rather than trying the scratch test and watering it, I threw it away in my rage. The one I didn’t throw away came back……so whoops.

Another dead Cotoneaster.

This Azalea that was heat tolerant came back twice, but apparently twice was the charm.

Besides my 3 failed air-layers (stupid dog…) on my Japanese Maple, I did this one that stayed on but ended up bridging the gap between the cuts and I took it off and ret severed the connection. Hopefully with a large pot and Akadama it will take.

The totals so far this year are the following:
Cotoneasters – 5

Pyracantha – 4

Chinese Elm – 2

Azalea – 3

Barberry – 1

Olive – 3

Oak – 2

Juniper Yamadori – 2

Nana Junipers – 2

Total Kill Count – 19

Green thumbs come with black thumbs. Don’t get discouraged, just keep your head up and keep killing!