Pomegranate Splitting

This pomegranate is the same one from this post that I dug up right as it was beginning to leaf out. It recovered really well and pushed several flushes of growth with a few being in the Fall. I decided to repot it and take it apart to let it recover in what is planned to be the final resting place.IMG_3334If you remember from the previous post, I flat cut the bottom horizontally with my reciprocating saw. When I removed this from the pot I could not find evidence of the flat cut bottom.

I decided to proceed in cutting it apart using the same reciprocating saw.
IMG_3340IMG_3338IMG_3339I still had a significant root system on most things that I cut away. I had a few stragglers that fell off during the separation that might make it since they had a few roots connected.

I got to a point where I didn’t feel comfortable separating more of the branches, so I potted up the remaining clump back up in some normal potting soil. I might do some air layering while it recovers for a year or two.

I also got this gem with some good movement in the lower trunk from taking the other twin trunk piece apart. IMG_3342IMG_3343

I got the pot ready by getting the wire set in, bending the bottom to a 90º angle to make it more stable.IMG_3344
Then I put down an “aeration layer” as Ryan Neil refers to it. Before placing the tree in I put another layer of my regular sized bonsai soil and then tied in the tree to the pot.IMG_3345IMG_3346IMG_3347IMG_3348
After all was said and done I ended up with these to grow out this season.
This is the remaining chunk of trunks that didn’t have enough roots to cut off. I’ll let it grow out another season or two before splitting these again. img_3560
img_3537This is going to be a twin trunk style. I might have to remove the backside during the next repot.img_3543img_3542
These two were lacking in roots, so hopefully they’ll make it. They fell off while splitting the second major trunk.
img_3534img_3533This was the second major trunk that I split from the main clump. I might airlayer it this season and let the branches grow out to get a more solid taper to the higher canopy. I’ll update this post soon once everything leafs out to see how it is doing.

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