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Siberian Elm

The Siberian Elm is a trash tree in the landscape. They drop branches, sprout up everywhere, and have that great attribute that all Elms have, they’re hard to kill.


While they aren’t the most common species for bonsai, they can be fantastic trees if handled correctly. Letting it grow too vigorously will result in die back of other more refined branches.


Nothing amazing rootwise, that’s for sure.

The taper and movement on this particular one that I dug up out of my yard was fantastic. For being an almost 2 year old weed, I was pretty pleased.


I made sure to be prepared this time before digging.


I decided to cut almost all the branches off. This will allow me to grow the branches in the places I want them. There was one useful branch that I wired into position.

The plan would be to let it recover for 2-3 years in this plastic container and style it as it grows out. Then from here it’d move into a finished bonsai container for further refinement and leaf reduction.